5 Reasons Why Your Practice Needs Social Media


social media accounts atlantaUnless you’ve been hiding in some dark cave somewhere, you know that the internet has fundamentally changed how people find and share information. If you are a business professional this fact is even more important because it also changes how your potential next customer is searching for you. If you are one of many business owners that are still bucking the idea of getting involved with social media, the following is some hard facts that you need to know:

It’s Where Your Ideal Client is: Recent stats on all the top social media platforms revealed that Facebook has over 1 billion users, YouTube has over 800 million users, Google+ is showing over 343 million users and both Twitter and LinkedIn have over 200 million active monthly users each month. How many of these users could be your ideal customer? This is especially true for creating a social media presences for Atlanta, DC doctors and physicians.

It Increase traffic to your Website: Social media, including blogging, is a great way to offer up fresh content for the search engines, and the search engines llloooovvveee fresh content.

It Shares Your Info in Real Time: Social media is an instant and conversational way to share information with customers while allowing you to participate in a meaningful way through comments, shares and retweets.  Social media provides an easy (and free) platform for you to build trust and gain brand recognition. It’s also a way for your customers to give you feedback, requests and suggestions that will better your business.

It Gives Your Business Visibility: Out-of-sight means out-of-mind. Not being on-line and engaged is not an option anymore for businesses.  If you are still hesitating on dipping your toe into the social media ocean just know this; just because you are holding back doesn’t mean your competition is as well. Every day you waste getting your business present and active on social media is one more day your competition is gaining ground on your business.

Authenticity and Transparency: It allows business professionals to peel back the layers of their business and allow customers to see them. This transparency builds trusts and allows consumer to see the human element of the business. Being able to like, know and trust a business is what influences today’s consumers the most.

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