10 Tips For All Social Media Newbie’s

atlanta socia media
Most people who start out in the field of social media do normally have some sort of

understanding of the marketing and business industry, however you don’t tend to find people

who have studied “Social Media”, and it’s not something that we learn in school! Social

Media is something that most of us learn or have learned on a “day to day”, basis.

When I first started out learning about the crazy, ever changing world of social media,

I wish I had already known these ten tips. Following these ten tips has helped me to

build my social networking platform with success:


1. Be True To Yourself: Social media is all about being yourself; it’s about learning to

socialize with others. People want to know who you are and what you stand for; Take

part in conversations, show people your personality.


2. Be Respectful To Others: Some people just starting out in social media try to make

themselves out to be experts within their field. Don’t do this because nobody likes

a know-it-all! It is very important that you understand that you need to engage with

your followers or fans without annoying them. Make sure you take an interest in



3. Know Your Niche: Google+, Facebook and Twitter are only three of the social

networking platforms out there. When you start your social media journey, remember

to find out more about your clients and customers, that way you will know what social

network platform to concentrate on the most.


4. Try Too Only Add Or Follow Interesting People: We all need a mentor, that person

who knows all about their niche and likes sharing their knowledge. Ask these people

questions because it’s a great way to gain knowledge and learn more about your



5. Try Not To Annoy Your Followers And Fans: Make sure you try to be helpful to

others and don’t just promote your brand or business. Trying to just promote your

business or brand all the time without engaging your followers will only annoy them.

Don’t forget, engagement comes first, and then sales will follow!


6. Having Thousands Of Followers Isn’t everything: Social Media isn’t just about

how many followers or fans you have. It’s not about how many people you follow it’s

about following the right people for your business. Don’t be put off by the number of

followers you have. Try to remember to establish real relationships.


7. Use Social Bookmarking: Remember to use sites like Digg, to bookmark your blog.

Google and Digg are friends and if you use sites like Digg you will experience much

better page rankings.


8. Get As Many Links As You Can Out There: Link your blog or website to as

many other websites in your niche as you can. Remember to look up free SEO tools.

Nowadays you will find a number of sites offering free SEO tools to boost exposure to your website and social media links. You may want to try TrafficUp.net.

Free Website Visitors

9.  Join Forums: Take time to join forums that are related to your niche. Getting

yourself known on forums is a great way to get new customers and make sales. If you

use your website link as your signature people will see your site. New people join

forums on a daily basis.


10. Take Advantage Of Youtube: Make a short video about your website or blog and

show your sales page. This way you can tell people what your blog or website is all

about. Try not to make it too long though, because that can bore people.

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